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Health Professionals

Fellowship Training Program

Adult Cardiology 3 yrs
Clinical Research Fellow in Invasive Cardiology 1 yr
Clinical Research Fellow in Vascular Medicine 1 yr
Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiac Rehabilitation 1 yr
Clinical Research Fellow in Clinical Echocardiography 1 yr
Clinical Research Fellow in Nuclear Cardiography 1 yr
Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiac Electrophysiology 1 yr
CT-MRI 1 yr
Medical Oncology 3 yrs
Research Fellow in Dermatology 1 yr
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism 2 yrs
Gastroenterology 2 yrs
Geriatric Medicine 2 yrs
Hematology 2 yrs
Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine 2 yrs
Vascular & Interventional Radiology 2 yrs
Nephrology 2 yrs
Neurophysiology 1 yr
Nutrition Support 2 yrs
Medical and Surgical Retina 2 yrs
Ultrasound/Mammography 1 yr
OB-Ultrasound 1 yr
Pain Medicine 2 yrs
Pediatric Pain Medicine 2 yrs
Pediatric Infectious Diseases 2 yrs
Pediatric Hematology 3 yrs
Pediatric Cardiology 3 yrs
Pediatric-Pulmonology 3 yrs
Pediatric Radiology 1 yr
Consultation Liaison in Psychiatry 2 yrs
Pulmononary Medicine (Adult) 2 yrs
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Rheumatology 2 yrs
Stoke Neurology 1-2 yrs
Surgical Oncology 3 yrs
Surgical Pathology 1 yr
Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery 3 yrs

Requirements for Fellowship Training Program:

  1. Pictures 2x2 and 1x1 (2 each)
  2. Curriculum Vitae to include Schools Attended, Hobbies and Interest
  3. Transcript of Record (Certified True Copy)
  4. Certificate/Letter of Recommendation from the Dean, or from the Chairman during training
  5. Letters of Recommendation from two (2) Consultant preferably belonging to the same specialty or the specialty of the subspecialty (i.e. IM for Adult Pulmonology; Pediatrics for Pediatric Pulmonology)
  6. Certificate of Good Conduct from medical school/hospital
  7. Certificate of Class Ranking
  8. Medical School Diploma (Photocopy)
  9. Certificate of Internship (Photocopy)
  10. Diploma/Certificate of Residency Training (Photocopy)
  11. Board Rating Result from PRC
  12. Certificate from Board of Medicine(PRC)
  13. Photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License
  14. Diplomate Certificate (Photocopy)
  15. Certificate of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

For Cardiology Applicants (Additional Requirements):

  1. Letter of Intent addressed to the Training Officer of Heart Institute
  2. Three letters of recommendation addressed to the Director of the Heart Institute

Selection of Applicants for Fellowship Training Program:

  1. Passing the Certifying Examinations of the PCP for the Medical Subspecialties.
  2. Passing the Written Examination of the PPS, PCS, POGS for the other specialties.

*The Medical Education Office performs an initial screening of applicants based on the above criteria and refers the applicants to the respective Institute/Department for processing.

Please bring all Original Requirements for verification.

  • Incomplete papers will not be processed.
  • Application Fee: PhP 1,000.00 Late application PhP 1,500.00
  • For more inquiries, please call the Medical Education Office at (632) 723-0101 ext. 4300
  • Applicants must submit scanned copies of all requirements.
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