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Rey Silayan




What do teenagers and Rey Silayan have in common? Spunk and

body piercing. He has an earring on his left ear. Why on earth would

he, a successful corporate executive and family man, sport an earring?

More on this later.


What else does Rey Silayan have going for him? Aside from being

sired by multi-awarded Filipino actor Vic Silayan and being a biological

brother to the late Filipina beauty queen Chat Silayan, Rey Silayan has

loads of faith to get him through one of the darkest moments in his life.

Rey was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 1996.

What he initially thought was a just a harmless growth, a mere

discomfort in his groin area (the size of a golf ball) was actually

something more serious. Dead serious. The devastating news arrived

only a paltry six months after losing Chat to colon cancer. Two years

later, in 1998, he would lose his brother Chito to cancer still, lung

cancer this time. It seems that this aberration ran in the family but

instead of sulking and blaming his errant genes, Rey did what his

sister did. He squared his shoulders and took the battle to one of the world's best and the most admired hospital in the Philippines, St. Luke's Medical Center.


How did he end up taking his case to St. Luke's?


Rey's family is acquainted with Dr. Joven Cuanang who happens to be St. Luke's SVP for Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer. He is so close with Dr. Cuanang that he calls him "Tito Joven." So he went to Tito Joven for his tests and the prognosis was not good. The mass in his groin was found to be malignant. His battle with the Big C was now on and Rey was not backing down without a fight.


Dr. Cuanang did not waste time and immediately referred Rey to Dr. Charity Viado-Gorospe, Director for St. Luke's Cancer Institute. From day one, Rey's experience under the expertise of Dr. Gorospe "was nothing short of amazing. She took time to explain the disease to me as well as the process I would have to undergo, including the effects of chemo and meds on my body. I knew then that I had a genuinely caring doctor and cancer warrior by my side."


Rey was well-prepared for the battle, confident that he will emerge from the experience healthy as can be but he admits to the pitfalls. Like "ice cream tasting so bad after the ravaging effects of chemo and losing all his hair (yup, even his eyebrows)" but at the end of the day Rey says, "It is Chat's example of strong faith and positive disposition that I would always draw strength from."


Remember that earring he has on his left ear? It was precisely to show his indomitable spirit that he went on ahead and got it pierced even while in the thick of his chemo sessions. This man sure knows how to face cancer in style when the going got tough. Indeed, Rey knew what he was talking about when he made a firm resolve to give cancer a good fight. It is Rey's hope that you will draw some kind of inspiration from his story. Cancer is not the end. It was not for Rey and it won't be for you as long as the disease is caught on its early stages.


Established in 1989, the Cancer Institute of St. Luke's was the first private cancer center in the Philippines that gave new hope to cancer patients. Equipped with the best technological facilities and top-rate cancer specialists, the Institute offers a comprehensive and aggressive multidisciplinary approach to cancer management. It has the only Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner in the country which allows accurate imaging of different body organs to search and keep track of cancer. The institute's services include early detection, curative and palliative treatment, supportive care, rehabilitation programs as well as cancer screening, patient education and cancer prevention.


St. Luke's also established the Cancer Ambulatory Care Unit in 2001 to provide outpatient services. It offers chemotherapy, minor surgeries, blood transfusion, and bone-marrow aspiration biopsy, among others.


Patients can also benefit from St. Luke's affiliation with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in cases when overseas consultation is being recommended.


For inquiries, please call St. Luke's Cancer Institute at (632)723-0101 (Quezon City) and (632) 789-7700 (Global City). You may also visit our website at




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