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Institute of Pathology

Precision, accuracy and speed are imperatives of clinical diagnosis and are the lifeblood of any laboratory. St. Luke’s Institute of Pathology lives up to its role in giving clarity to clinical puzzles and rendering judgment in diagnostic dilemmas, in the shortest possible time. Known all over the country for the most complete line of laboratory services using top-of-the-line laboratory equipment, the Institute of Pathology has over the years ably assisted clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prognostication of diseases. Its complement of competent medical professionals continues to rigorously track down the causes and nature of various killer diseases of the heart, lungs, and cancer, among others, in aid of medical research and development.



A highly competent and thorough team of pathologists, medical technologists, and technicians using top-of-the-line laboratory equipment ensures the expeditious delivery of laboratory examinations, from the basic and routine to the most exhaustive and complicated.


In the field of Anatomic Pathology, the Institute has established the most comprehensive library of monoclonal antibodies for Immunohistochemistry, and has built a reputation as a referral center for difficult Surgical Pathology cases.



In Blood Banking, the Institute has become one of the few private blood centers in the country with 100% volunteer blood supply, a major factor in assuring blood safety, quality and availability. Its apheresis operations have been expanded from component donor collection to therapeutic applications saving the lives of patients with immunologic, renal, hematologic and neurologic diseases not otherwise treatable by conventional methods. The Institute’s Section of Cellular Immunology and Immunogenetics, which is well equipped with the latest automated immunology analyzers, combines the allied disciplines of Tissue Typing and Flow Cytometry, and offers the most extensive tests in the country. Acknowledged as the finest in the Philippines, the Institute turns out the best cut and stained sections for reading by five anatomic pathologists extensively trained in some of the most recognized centers abroad.

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