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Gary Patrick Lawler


"An American living in the Philippines in need of a hip replacement"


I am departing St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City, tomorrow, after

10 days and have nothing but praise for the service and care I've received.


After much research and recommendations I decided on St. Luke's. My surgeon, Dr. Tanchuling, has the experience and skill that surgeons strive to obtain. I was impressed with him from my very first visit as he "listened" to what I was saying, and waited until I finished before he spoke. He knew from my comments and movements the amount of pain I was in and the urgency to perform surgery as soon as possible. I am most grateful for him, his staff, and the hospital.


I found St. Luke's Medical Center to be one of the most advanced hospitals in the Philippines, and from my experience, St. Luke's surpasses the hospitals I've interacted with in the United States. From the moment we entered the lobby (more like a 5 star hotel lobby) it was apparent that the hospital was "people oriented" and not just "get people in and out" as quickly as possible. That impression was realized throughout my stay here by the service and care I was provided.


I most highly endorse and recommended this hospital to anyone that is in need of health care.


Thank you and Merry Christmas




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